Thank you for your interest in the events at Leadways School/7EDU Impact Academy. Before we proceed, we kindly ask you to take a moment to carefully read and understand this waiver. Your cooperation is crucial in maintaining the safety and well-being of everyone on our campus, including students and families.

Assumption of Risks:

I, the undersigned participant, acknowledge that attending this campus event involves inherent risks, such as physical injury and property damage. I am fully aware of these risks and voluntarily assume full responsibility for any incidents that may occur during my participation. I understand that Leadways School and 7EDU Impact Academy will not be liable for any injuries, damages, or losses that I may incur.

Consequently, I release Leadways School, 7EDU Impact Academy, and their staff, volunteers, and agents from any claims or liabilities related to my attendance at this event. This release is binding on my heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns and includes all legal and equitable actions connected to my participation.

Photography Consent:

I understand that photos, videos, or other media might be taken during the event. By signing this waiver, I give Leadways School and 7EDU Impact Academy the right to use such media for promotional or marketing purposes.

COVID-19 Risk Acknowledgment:

I acknowledge the ongoing risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. I understand that while Leadways School and 7EDU Impact Academy have implemented safety measures, it is impossible to completely eliminate the risk of exposure to COVID-19. I assume all risks related to COVID-19 by choosing to participate in this event.

Food Allergy Awareness:

I am aware of the possibility of food being served at the event. I assume responsibility for managing my own dietary needs and allergies, and I will inform the event organizers of any severe food allergies that I have.

Agreement to Terms:

By joining this event, I affirm that I have fully read, understood, and agreed to the terms of this waiver. I acknowledge the risks involved in participating in this campus event and voluntarily consent to all the terms and conditions specified herein.