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At Leadways, we see academics not just as subjects, but as exciting platforms to build these critical abilities, thereby shaping the innovative leaders and entrepreneurs for tomorrow.

Individualized Learning plan

that is designed based on each students’ unique levels

Collaborative group work

that scaffolds soft skills such as teamwork, effective communication and initiative

Weekly theme-based trips

to curated places related to contents covered in the classroom

Project based learning

and hands-on activities that makes learning relevant, engaging and elicits deep and connected conceptual understanding

Integrated studies

that are complex, interdisciplinary, and focused on social impact

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Students acquire important life skills such as perseverance, risk taking, curiosity, and empathy through our creative and pedagogically sound curricula.

Leadways Signature Integrated Studies Program

Preventing birds from getting killed by wind turbines

  • Investigate avian migratory routes

  • Study policies relating to wind farms

  • Explore technologies such as radar

  • Machine learning

  • Speak to ornithologists and EPA

  • Visits to wind farms

Solving the truck driver shortage problem

  • learn about the economic drivers behind the problem

  • talk to driving schools

  • advocate for policy change

Planting in Martian soil

  • source for Martian simulant soil, biological sciences

  • compare and contrast different crop performance and planting conditions 

Our unique Integrated Studies unit is a dynamic blend of subjects combined with engaging fun. Each semester, we offer diverse projects covering social justice, humanities, science, and engineering. 

Students don't just learn; they acquire crucial life skills. They develop perseverance through challenges, enhancing their persistence. Teamwork is essential, requiring effective collaboration and diverse talents. This autonomy in learning fosters initiative and self-agency. Critical thinking and creativity are key as students tackle problems and innovate. Adaptability is crucial in responding to new situations and evolving scenarios. Risk-taking is encouraged, pushing students beyond their comfort zones and towards innovation. 

At the end of each project, students gain not only subject knowledge but also invaluable life skills, preparing them for the complexities of the modern world.