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Our Teaching Methodology: STEAM³

STEAM³ (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics to the Third Power) is a proprietary teaching methodology designed to provide a multidimensional educational experience. It encompasses three interconnected levels:

Factual Knowledge

Covering fundamental theories, facts, and principles.

Personal Relevance

The middle layer focuses on linking factual knowledge to individual experiences and goals.

Global Impact

The pinnacle encourages students to think critically about how their knowledge can be applied to solve real-world challenges.

Comprehensive Strengths

Experiential Learning Modalities

Interest Exploration

Encourages intellectual curiosity through multidisciplinary exposure.

Industry Shadowing

Bridges theoretical knowledge with professional applications through pragmatic experiences.

Social Impact

Cultivates civic responsibility through community engagement projects.


Instills a culture of innovation through practical business education.

Volunteer Abroad

Facilitates global citizenship through international volunteer opportunities.

Art and Design

Fortifies artistic acumen, thereby elevating creative competencies.

Scholarly Rigor

  Academic Rigor

Promotes intellectual diligence and scholarly perseverance.

  Research in Depth

Facilitates extensive research to encourage academic specialization.

  Academic Competitions

Encourages meritocratic competition to engender a spirit of academic excellence.

 College-Level Courses

Offers accelerated coursework to prepare students for tertiary educational demands.

Holistic Development

Life Coaching

Employs psychological and pedagogical interventions for robust personal development.

College Counseling

Provides specialized counseling services for informed academic and career planning.

Character Building

Incorporates ethical and moral education to nurture a strong personal value system.

Wide Varieties of Electives

Leadways students have the opportunity to take a wide variety of electives based on their interests, including robotics, computer science, design engineering, business, life skills, visual arts, music, writing competitions, math competitions, science competitions, and many more.