SAT Subjects Tests: Tips & Subjects

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The SAT Subject Test, formerly known as the SAT II, is designed to test your knowledge on certain test subjects.

Although it is another standardized test, most colleges do not require them. However, most top-ranked prestigious schools and Ivy League campuses may require you to take one or two subject exams of your choice. College experts suggest that although some campuses do not require them, it is recommended to take a few if you want to make yourself more competitive than other candidates. For a complete list of campuses that require these tests, visit College Board.

List of SAT Subject Tests:

  • Mathematics Level 1

  • Mathematics Level 2

  • Biology E/M

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • English

  • U.S. History

  • World History

  • Spanish

  • Spanish with Listening

  • French

  • French with Listening

  • Chinese with Listening

  • Italian

  • German

  • German with Listening

  • Latin

  • Japanese with Listening

  • Korean with Listening

Now that you know what subjects are offered, how do you decide which one to take?

Although there isn’t an actual requirement for which subject tests you should take, you should check to see what the test requirements are for the campuses you are applying for.

Some schools suggest that you don’t take an SAT Subject Test in your first language if it is not English. Rather than picking subjects that you are comfortable with, campuses prefer to see what your range of knowledge is, as it will help you with determine your interests and even major selection.

The SAT Subject test is essentially a test of your own choice. You know your own strengths, aspirations and goals. Before you decide on which subject test to take, do your research as to which subject test exam will benefit your future self!

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