Unique Summer Programs for Advanced Students

After months of studying and hours put into work, students are rewarded with a nice long summer break. Through summer programs, students are granted the opportunity to learn subjects with peers about subjects that are hardly taught in school. Learning can be fun, especially during summer!

The following list contains unique summer programs that will guarantee that your scholar has fun while immersing themselves into engaging academic courses:

Research Science institute (RSI): Sponsored by the Center of Excellence in Education (CEE) and hosted by MIT, the RSI is one of the most prestigious international summer research programs for high school students. Through this free five-week program, 80 top students from around the world will participate in a week of intensive STEM classes with accomplished professors and conduct their own original scientific research under the tutelage of mentors who are experienced scientists and researchers.

Telluride Association Summer Program (TASP): Thoughtful and intellectually curious high school juniors whom are seeking for a challenging yet rewarding experience are highly encouraged to apply to TASP. Through this free six-week educational experience, students will participate in educational and social activities outside of the classroom. TASP’s goal is to prepare promising individuals through intellectual inquiry, democratic self-government and meaningful work. TASP has a rigorous selection process and students who finish the program generally go to America’s finest colleges.

Ojai Valley School Summer Camp: Pre-Kindergarten to 10th grade students can enjoy this enriching summer program for hands-on academics, classes and fun activities. Ojai Valley’s students are presented with a wide variety of experiences through college preparatory school studies, campus life, educational field trips, student activities, athletic programs and outdoor education. Ojai’s summer programs include: Summer School & Camp, Equestrian Camp, Robotics/ Flight Camp, English Language Camp, Fine Arts Camp, Leadership Camp and Junior Camps. Through their diverse curriculum, their flexible schedules allow residents and day campers to enroll for 2, 4, or 6-week sessions between June 23 - August 3, 2019.

Ross School: Summer Camp @Ross is the premier day camp of the Hamptons. With a total of 24 different majors to choose from, there are a variety of day programs in sports, science, performance, media, nature and arts for campers between the ages 10-14. Other activities of this program include: surfing, sailing, filmmaking, art fusion, horseback riding, junior innovation lab, robotics, music, naturalist explorers, basketball, golf, rock band, gymnastics, theater, culinary arts, ceramics, water adventure, fashion design and more.

The Summer Science Program (SSP): SSP acknowledges that tomorrow’s scientists, engineers, doctors and entrepreneurs are today’s most promising students. However, many gifted students are not granted the opportunity to realize their potentials. Through this 39-day program, students will be challenged through projects in either the Astrophysics or Biochemistry programs to find confidence and dream bigger. Instead of just learning about math and science, students will participate by doing their own research and collaborate in teams of threes.

John Hopkins Center For Talented Youth (CTY): Since 1979, this program has been dedicated to identify and develop the talents of academically advanced pre-college students. CTY offers a unique educational experience that is geared towards students’ high abilities and a community of peers to share these academic abilities and love for learning. For students between Grade 7-12, residential programs for qualified students include: Intensive Studies, Academic Explorations, Civic Leadership, Global Issues in the 21st Century and the Institute for Advanced Critical and Cultural Studies. For children between the second and fourth grade, students can take courses specifically developed for a one-week model with activities that engage academic enrichment surrounding by the course’s theme.

Duke Talent Identification Program (TIP): High-achieving students with top ACT or SAT scores may qualify for the above-grade-level services at Duke TIP’s three-week residential program. Duke acknowledges that “high-achieving” does not mean students are learning as much as they could in school. This program offers enrichment resources, year-round learning options, residential summer programs, online courses and original research to supplement what students receive in school. There are a variety of courses to choose from including one-week residential programs students between the Grade 5 and 6 may participate in to solve hypothetical community crisis.

Northwestern Center for Talent Development (CTD): The Center for Talent Development offers four summer programs to encourage students to explore their academic areas of interest and connect with community members. Students between age 4 through grade 5 will explore subjects including science, technology, language arts, mathematics and social science. Students between grade 4-6 will be offered language arts, humanities, mathematics, science, computer science, design and engineering. Upper-level students will be encouraged to take challenging courses as well as participate in recreational activities and social events to develop self-confidence and learn skills crucial to success in college. The Equinox program for students Grades 9-12 will also be offering academic credit upon successful completion.

Center for Innovative and Talented Youth (CITY): Formerly known as the University of Denver’s Rocky Mountain Talent Search, this program offered to high-ability students grants them the opportunity to study and network with other motivated peers from around the world as well as preparing them for advanced courseworks. Students can expect to gain academic and social confidence as an outcome during this intensive summer program. Students entering will start preparing for the SAT, ACT and PSAT through a residential experience living on campus and focusing on one course of study, starting at grade 6.

Stanford University Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY): This program consists of two three-week sessions for advanced high school students and three two-week sessions for academically gifted middle school students. Students will leave the program as a member of Stanford’s Pre-Collegiate community with academic accomplishments, new friends and memories of their time spent on this beautiful campus. The programs will cover advanced subjects that are rarely taught within the high school curriculum and allow students the opportunity to challenge themselves with competitive subjects.

What to Do Over the Summer Besides Summer Camps