Key Ways to Optimize Your Summer Break

The summer break is quickly approaching for many students and with this time away from school comes a great opportunity to set yourself up for success with college applications.

Using summer break to build your resume and college applications is a great way to use your time over the summer. Some key areas to focus your attention on are highlighted in this newsletter.

Gain Experience through Internship/Job

Securing a job or internship in a field that you are interested in pursuing is a great way to show your dedication and passion for the field and program of study you are in. The experience and skills that you can gain through completing a job or internship are great ways to enhance your resume and personal statement essay.

Join Summer University Programs

During the summer many colleges and university offer different programs on their campus that allow students to complete college classes early while also getting a glimpse of college life.

Gain Insight through College Campuses Visits

Summer is a great opportunity to take time and research colleges to find the schools that you are interested in applying to. Visiting a school's campus is a great way to get a better understanding of the campus as a whole.

Develop Your Own Summer Project

Using your time during the summer to develop your own summer project is a great way to showcase your hard-work, dedication, and creativity. This project can be a business opportunity, a service project, a research project, or any project that you are Interested in. There are several organizations like Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts that have mentorship available to help members develop and implement their projects.

Volunteer In Your Community

Colleges like to see students who are strong members of their community. Using your time off during the summer to volunteer and serve your local community is a great way to show colleges your dedication to service and to enhance your resume.

Prepare For The SAT And ACT 

The time away from school is a perfect time to prepare for college admissions exams like the SAT and ACT. Utilizing the summer testing dates and test preparation class can prove to be beneficial for your test scores.

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